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Possessing amassed valuable encounter in cooperating with foreign consumers, EPG will constantly adhere to it business spirit of becoming sensible, progressive, effective and excellent to make the top worldwide transmission travel. EPG has established up a total set of high quality management system which is provided with sophisticated inspection and take a look at gear. JZJS roots EPT unit is made up of the collection related roots pump and liquid ring pump, the place the roots pump is the major pump and the h2o ring pump is employed as the backing pump.

It overcomes the supreme strain big difference when employing a solitary liquid ring pump (when compared with the liquid ring pump, the ultimate pressure of the unit is tremendously improved), and the minimal pumping charge unEPTTa specified strain, at the very same time, reXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. the gain of the rapidly work and increased pumping rate of the roots pump. In certain, it is adapt to pump a wonderful volume of condensable vapors.

Roots drinking water ring EPT technique incEPTTs the following types:

(1) Roots pump-water ring pump: The liquid ring pump in this unit is used to generate the fore EPT needed for the roots pump. EPTTly, the supreme EPT diploma of the solitary-phase h2o ring EPT pump is not large, and the roots pumps need higher greatest EPT diploma, hence, the single-phase liquid ring pump is not normally employed as the backing pump of the roots pump. The two-stage water ring pump with lower greatest strain can be applied as the backing pump, to decrease the supreme stress of the unit.
The supreme strain of 1 roots pump and one particular drinking water ring pump is 400PA, which can satisfy the EPTT demands of EPT. If merge two sequence linked roots pumps and the water ring pump, the final pressure can be tremendously enhanced (up to 25PA). Therefore, for this type, the mixture of two sequence related roots pumps with a two-stage pump as the backing pump is common to compose the device. If need to have a larger supreme pressure, a mix of a few roots pumps with a liquid ring pump can be utilized, which ultimate strain can be up to t 1PA.

(2) If the a few-phase roots liquid ring device can not fulfill the ultimate strain, the roots pump-water ring pump pXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.lel mechanical EPT pump can be adopted This unit is mostly for a EPTizing system which is utilized to deal with a great volume of water vapor, and calls for a EPTT time and a very large supreme EPT diploma, e. G, in the EPT drying location.
In the EPT technique which is used to handle a great sum of water vapor, liquid ring pump is a lot more appropriate option. Even so, its supreme EPT diploma is not substantial, as a result, the final EPT degree of the whole device is reduced (comparatively).

Despite the fact that in the EPTizing technique demanding larger EPT diploma, the mechanical EPT pump of larger final EPT shall be utilised as the backing pump, the fuel ballast mechanical EPT pump and water-ring pump can be connected in collection to act as the fore pump of the roots pump. In EPT drying, very first use the liquid ring pump for backing pumping till there is a substantial reduction in drinking water vapor, and then change on the gas ballast mechanical EPT pump, and swap off the drinking water ring pump.

Roots pump-water ring pump technique is widely used for the EPT distillation, EPT evaporation, dehydration and crystallization in the chemical market Freeze drying in the meals business The EPT drying in the pharmaceutical business The terylene EPT chopping in the ligEPTT textile sector The EPTizing technique in higher-altitude EPTTlation check, and so on.


( lePa)
EPT Technique (kw)
MainEPT EPTTwo EPTOne BackingEPT
JZJS30-one 30 four hundred ZJ30 2SK-1.5 four.seventy five Phi50 Phi40 300
JZJS70-2 70 400 ZJ70 2SK-1.5 five.5 Phi80 Phi40 325
JZJS70-one 70 400 ZJ70 2SK-three nine Phi80 Phi40 420
JZJS150-two a hundred and fifty four hundred ZJ150A 2SK-3 10.5 Phi100 Phi40 525
JZJS150-2A a hundred and fifty 400 ZJ150A SZ-250 14 Phi100 Phi100 610
JZJS150-1 150 400 ZJ150A 2SK-six 18 Phi100 Phi50 650
JZJS300-two three hundred four hundred ZJ300 2SK-six 19 Phi150 Phi50 985
JZJS300-2A 300 400 ZJ300 SZ-360 19 Phi150 Phi100 1015
JZJS300-1 three hundred 400 ZJ300 2SK-twelve 26 Phi150 Phi100 1485
JZJS600-two 600 400 ZJ600 2SK-twelve 29.5 Phi150 Phi100 1520
JZJS600-2A 600 400 ZJ600 2SK-twenty 44.five Phi150 Phi125 2630
JZJS1200-two 1200 400 ZJ1200 2SK-thirty 66 Phi300 Phi125 4070
JZJS30-eleven thirty twenty five ZJ30 ZJ30 2SK-1.five five.5 Phi50 Phi40 380
JZJS70-21 70 25 ZJ70 ZJ30 2SK-one.5 six.twenty five Phi80 Phi40 420
JZJS70-12 70 twenty five ZJ70 ZJ70 2SK-1.5 7 Phi80 Phi40 440
JZJS70-eleven 70 25 ZJ70 ZJ70 2SK-three 10.5 Phi80 Phi40 535
JZJS150-21 a hundred and fifty twenty five ZJ150A ZJ70 2SK-three twelve Phi100 Phi40 600
JZJS150-twelve one hundred fifty twenty five ZJ150A ZJ150A 2SK-3 thirteen.five Phi100 Phi40 710
JZJS150-eleven a hundred and fifty twenty five ZJ150A ZJ150A 2SK-six 21 Phi100 Phi50 920
JZJS300-22 three hundred 25 ZJ300 ZJ150A 2SK-three 14.5 Phi150 Phi40 1150
JZJS300-21 300 twenty five ZJ300 ZJ150A 2SK-six 22 Phi150 Phi50 1350
JZJS300-twelve three hundred 25 ZJ300 ZJ150A 2SK-six 23 Phi150 Phi50 1510
JZJS300-eleven three hundred twenty five ZJ300 ZJ300 2SK-twelve 30 Phi150 Phi100 1880
JZJS600-22 600 twenty five ZJ600 ZJ300 2SK-six 26.5 Phi150 Phi50 1665
JZJS600-21 600 25 ZJ600 ZJ300 2SK-twelve 33.5 Phi150 Phi100 1980
JZJS1200-22 1200 25 ZJ1200 ZJ300 2SK-12 40.5 Phi300 Phi100 3200
JZJS1200-22A 1200 twenty five ZJ1200 ZJ600 2SK-twenty fifty five.five Phi300 Phi125 4270
JZJS1200-21 1200 25 ZJ1200 ZJ600 2SK-30 seventy three.five Phi300 Phi125 4670
JZJS30-111 30 1 ZJ30 ZJ30 ZJ30 2SK-1.5 6.twenty five Phi50 Phi40
JZJS70-211 70 one ZJ70 ZJ30 ZJ30 2SK-1.five seven Phi80 Phi40
JZJS150-211 150 one ZJ150A ZJ70 ZJ70 2SK-three thirteen.five Phi100 Phi40
JZJS300-411 three hundred 1 ZJ300 ZJ70 ZJ70 2SK-three 14.5 Phi150 Phi40
JZJS300-221 300 one ZJ300 ZJ150A ZJ70 2SK-three 16 Phi150 Phi40
JZJS300-211 300 1 ZJ300 ZJ150A ZJ150A 2SK-6 twenty five Phi150 Phi50
JZJS600-411 600 one ZJ600 ZJ150A ZJ150A 2SK-six 28.five Phi150 Phi50
JZJS600-221 600 1 ZJ600 ZJ300 ZJ150A 2SK-6 29.five Phi150 Phi50
JZJS1200-221 1200 1 ZJ1200 ZJ600 ZJ300 2SK-12 44.5 Phi300 Phi100
JZJS2500-222 2500 1 ZJ2500 ZJ600 ZJ600 2SK-twenty seventy four Phi300 Phi125

  in Nonthaburi Thailand  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Roots-Liqud Ring Vacuum Pump Package manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Nonthaburi Thailand  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Roots-Liqud Ring Vacuum Pump Package manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler